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Tiled bathroom with free standing acrylic bath
Full bathroom with accessories
Small bathroom layout

Get a great quality EZY bathroom for a lot less

At EZY Bathrooms, we believe that getting a quality kiwi bathroom has been far too expensive for far too long. So we’ve done something about it.

We’ve looked at the three main areas that determine the overall cost of getting a great bathroom, and we’ve identified lots of ways to help you save lots of money, without having to compromise on a top quality finish.

We call this our Easy as 1, 2, 3 process and it’s made up of three areas, that have been carefully designed to help you avoid bathroom renovation issues that cost you a lot of money and cause a lot of stress. The team behind EZY Bathrooms have years and years of experience in the bathroom industry, so we’ve been able to identify all the best ways to help you keep the cost of your bathroom renovation to an absolute minimum.

The three areas EZY Bathrooms can help you to create a great bathroom for less are:

  1. Design. It might seem obvious, but good design is far more than just placing product in your space. We’ll work with you to ensure you don’t create unnecessary issues by causing additional work, or the need for customised products. Read on.
  2. Supply. We’ve designed and sourced bathroom products directly from the manufacturer to ensure you can get high quality products that will last and last, for some of the best prices in New Zealand. Read on.
  3. Advice. With years of experience to draw on, we’ll help you find the right tradespeople, and give you great advice on when to get them in, and what to look out for. This is critical to ensuring you get the best outcome for minimal hassle and expense. Read on.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, or simply want to change out a product or two, make sure to talk to the experts at EZY Bathrooms today, or book an appointment now, and make sure you get a great quality bathroom for a lot less.